Wonder5 Masters

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ActozSoft Korea is aiming for a global market this year releasing their games in multiple languages including English. Wonder5 Masters is one of the many upcoming games. The game didn't look that special at first, until I saw the skill dragging system. In most mobile RPG's, you just drag a skill and it will auto activate. Not in this game! You will have to activate the skill and place it to where you want to attack on the screen ranging from single target moves, AoE circle attacks, AoE buffs, line attacks, frontal cone, etc. I'm not that sure about the rest, you can check out the official game description for more info.

Official Game Description

▶ Game Characteristics
1. Amazing heroes in breathtaking graphics!
- Dynamic heroes come to life in high-quality 3D!
- Dazzling graphics make your skills explode on the screen!

2. Collect heroes and form strategic parties to obliterate your enemies!
- Create a tactical team with various classes such as warriors, paladins, assassins, magicians, healers, and more!
- Challenge your characters to surpass their limits through electrifying gameplay!

3. Conquer and subdue your enemies through strategic play using “skill drags”.
- What is a “skill drag”?
A new battle system where skills are triggered by dragging them at the perfect time and range!
- Master these effective and strategic controls to achieve victory in the toughest fights!

4. Play through boundless content that keeps you on your toes!
- Endless content that increases with your characters’ growth!
- Dungeons, Hero Dungeons, Daily Dungeons, Boss Raids, Infinite Dungeons, and PvP Raids for constant excitement! Experience the perfect balance and a never-ending stream of adventures!

5. Feel the thrill of PvP battles and steal your opponent’s rank in real time!
- Forget the old PvP systems with boring points and leagues!
- Enter a new world where ranks are stolen in real time and new rewards await daily!

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