Dungeon Trackers

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Dungeon Trackers now globally available in various languages including English! The TCG features a lot of cute looking cards mostly kawaii and moe stuff. Menu feels very responsive, but the UI doesn't seem to have much of a click feeling to it, something about it just felt off or lacking. You can breeze through the tutorial in ten minutes or less, which is nice for those that enjoy rerolling and you also get 2x gacha after beating tutorial. Just beware, you won't be able to have the same name as your previous one. Go to Settings and select Quit or Leave Game to reroll no need to download or uninstall nice and easy. I managed to get a handful of 4-5 star units so the rate didn't seem to be that bad or I was just extremely lucky. The gameplay is decent not too fancy or flashy, good enough if you're looking for something simple and cute.

Official Game Description

Strategic Battle RPG, Dungeon Trackers

[Game Features]
▶ Collect hundreds of beautifully crafted creature cards!
- Over 380 creature cards and five attributes - Fire, Water, Wood, Light, and Darkness
- Build the ultimate deck by enhancing and evolving your cards
▶ Easy controls and action-packed battle scenes!
- Chain powerful combos with intuitive touch controls
- Time your attacks to activate the "BREAK" system for extra powerful combos
▶ Various immersive multiplayer modes!
- Challenge other players through the PvP mode in the Coliseum
- Take on the World Boss with your friends!
▶ Play strategically to show your strength!
- Assemble the most powerful party of creatures to tackle the infinite dungeon challenge
▶ Play with your friends!
- Take along a friend on each battle for additional benefits

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Google Play: Link


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