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Nexon just launched the English version of Fantasy War Tactics is now available through certain Countries or by APK download. I've been testing this game out for a couple of hours now and it's fairly interesting. The gameplay is a bit similar to Disgaea series in terms of tactics play, team attacks, and high-quality graphics. The skill animation isn't as explosive as Disgaea, but it's pretty decent for a mobile game. I haven't been playing much mobile games lately, but this is one that I would recommend playing if you're looking for something fresh and new.

Fantasy War Tactics does have decent auto-play system that helps those who are often busy, it seems to work pretty well during the low levels giving me SS ranks rating after each battle. I haven't rolled the Gacha much, since most of the characters are obtained in through story and stuff. The stamina system and entering dungeons consumes stamina, once fully depleted, you'll have to wait for it to regen. The gacha is more focused on "equipments" other than playable characters. Enchanting system is in place and players can upgrade white to green to blue to purple orange and stuff. Seems like you have to evolve all characters from 1 star to 5 star. That's all I can think of for now! Try it out if you have time.

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Official Game Description

Fantasy War Tactics - as an SRPG, a step ahead of RPG games.
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▶ An exciting story full of anime nostalgia!
Make your way through the adventure as an ambitious wizard bent on conquering the world!
We invite you to the world of exotic fantasy, where magic and machines co-exist.

▶ Enjoy a totally different level of strategy!
Build up hundreds of diverse strategies based on terrain, direction of attack, combo system and the "adversary system".
You won't be able to take your eyes off from these thrilling battles full of strategy!

▶ An exciting adventure awaits you!
Stories, unique dungeons, challenges, battle of honor (PvP mode),
laboratories, expeditions and more. A diverse array of content awaits you!

▶ Build up your team with mighty heroes!
Meet and join forces with unique heroes by clearing the dungeons!
Grow stronger as you level up, using equipment, "Potential", and "Rebirth".


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