Fish Island

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Play the new fast-paced and whack-a-mole style casual fishing game to experience the world of beautiful unique fishes in a different way.

Download now for free to enjoy super addictive one-touch gameplay with:

• Rewarding quest and engaging events.

• A stunningly beautiful aquarium to showcase your catch. 

• Complete the rich fish encyclopedia as you come across a wide variety of fish species and sea creatures. 

• Compete and show off your unique catch to your friends through Facebook!

Please visit our Official Facebook page to find out the latest news and events! Also, you can now participate in the community discussion to help fellow gamers when they are stuck with a certain catch or even show off your latest rare catch in game!

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★ ★ Fishing can now be done simply through a touch in Fish Island! ★ ★

① Easy and simple fishing method of 'One Touch' introduced!

You can now fish with only one button! The fishing mechanic is so simple to understand, you just need to make sure you grasp the rhythm of the touch to figure out how to play. It is a simple fishing game made easy for anyone of all ages to enjoy!

② Colorful 3D graphics and rich content!

Over 600 species of sea creatures and colorful 3D with vivid graphics. In Fish Island, you will get to enjoy the beautiful colors from Rainbow Fish to the strikingly fearsome Whale Sharks! Not only that, ancient fish species are resurrected in modern times brought to your very eye! What more can you ask for?

③ Local fishing competitions and tournaments.

The local fishing competition ranges from countries like Australia, Greece to Vietnam! Explore rare fishes that you've never seen before in all these local competitions.

④ Earn through rearing your catch in the aquarium!

Earn gold by simple rearing your catch in the aquarium. You can choose to rear your catch in the aquarium and accumulate gold every hour in the game. If done properly, it can be an excellent way to earn!

⑤ Encyclopedia of fishes!

What do you do after you've caught the fishes and kept them in the aquarium? You can now read more about them in the Fishypedia! Not only that, you get to view useful information like where they appear, what bait to use - that will help you catch more of the same species!

-NHN Entertainment Singapore

Now for my own description of the game! I really enjoyed playing the Korean version of Fish Island when it came out. The characters are really cute and you can play as either a Male or Female character. This is the perfect fishing game to play especially if you're into Anime looking stuff. One of the cool features about Fish Island Online is the whole fish collecting thing. Once you catch a fish you can either sell it for money right away or toss it in your Aquarium. Fishes that you have collected and store in your Aquarium will earn you money overtime, so the more fishies in your Aquarium the more money you will earn! Depending on the quality and grade of the fish, it will earn money a lot faster compared to the lower grade ones so don't go around and tossing all kinds of fishes in your Aquarium. Once you've saved up enough money, go ahead and buy another Aquarium.

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