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EA's Tetris Monster is now available for download in Japanese App Store. I've actually been playing this game for a couple of hours now, though I had to delete and reinstall the game a whole bunch of times. Why is that? Because after successfully completing the first chapter of the game, you will be granted one special Gacha roll. So in other words, if you roll a crappy 3-4 star monster on your free roll, it would be best to start over. If you ended up rolling 5-6 star then you're all set!

When starting the game, you will be asked to pick an avatar of your choice! They are just player icons, not sure if they can be changed later so make sure you pick the cutest one. There are also male avatar icons on the bottom of the screen and some weird looking ones. I got a few of friends to try this game out with me so we started re-rolling accounts like crazy and sharing which monsters we got. I am pretty sure a lot of players are probably curious to see what kind rare monsters this game has to offer.

I thought that the game was decent enough to keep installed for now, it's not as addicting as Puzzle & Dragons. Maybe it's because I am not that high level yet, I am much more worried about EA's money hungry options. I will most likely keep playing this game. The only time I died in this game was when I tried to tackle one of the special dungeons on the hardest difficulty, no matter how good my Tetris skills were, I ended up getting one shotted by one of the small monsters. ouch! Anyway, I suggest giving it a try especially if you're a big Tetris fan. Try not to expect too much though, it's a Tetris game after all.

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