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About Buster Action-Puzzle RPG, LINEZETA!!

* Lead the Exploration with Puzzle!
Become a Captain of the Battleship, set your Zeta Mobile Squad, and lead them with an Exploration!
Challenge many different missions to face and defeat legendary Zeta Mobile!

* Simple and Easy Puzzle!
Line 2 or more Cores of same color in a vertical, horizontal, and diagonal way in limited time!
Line as many Cores to create series of COMBOS!

* Battle in the Space!
Zeta Mobiles with same color as lined Core will Attack enemy!
Destroy and defeat all enemy with series of Combos before they have chance to strike!

* Set your Own ZM Squad with Acquired ZMs!
Acquire new Zeta Mobiles as rewards from exploration!
Many combinations of Zeta Mobiles to personalize your own original Squad!
Zeta Mobiles can be acquired from Capsule Machines as well!

* Power-Up your Zeta Mobile!
Increase your Zeta Mobile’s ability with Power-Up Fusion!
Zeta Mobile at max level can Evolve by fusing with certain material ZMs!

* Explore the Space with your Friends!
Help your friend explore the space with your Zeta Mobile!
Get help from your friend’s Zeta Mobile to explore further Space!

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link



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