Sword Girls S

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Sword Girls S is a simple new social TCG featuring characters from the popular South Korean browser based game called Sword Girls. The game is fully voiced and features an exploration system a bit similar to the Million Arthur.

Just like the original version of Sword Girls, players are given the option on which starting faction they would like to start with. As usual, I decided to go with my favorite character Iri who sides with the Dark Lore. Shortly after creating my character I had to go through a lengthy tutorial that explained how to play the game. I was really confused at first, but after playing for a good hour or two, I was able to adapt to the games play style very easily.

One of the cool features about the lobby system in Sword Girls S is that the background often changes, so you're always going to see different kinds of pictures. There are a lot of menus, but the one thing that I was shocked to see implemented in the game was the Auction/Trading system. That's right! I haven't played a TCG in awhile that had such features. The Auction System lets players sell off their extra cards for Gold Points, which can then be used to buy more cards and other goodies in the future.

I played the Korean version when it first came out, it's not really retina supported because it stretches the whole screen width wise which bothered me a lot. As for the game itself, I didn't really enjoy it much. Perhaps you might like it better than me so download it and give it a go!

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