Chaos Drive

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English version is now available! I started playing Chaos Drive today and I must say the card style and theme is all over the place. Technically the game is supposed to be a Sci-Fi'ish TCG with an Anime theme to it. After playing it for a couple of hours, I noticed that some of the cards seemed way out of place. There were some card artwork that looked like it was from some Fan service Anime, then some cards looked like it was from some American comics, oh and there was like random dragons. Oh it doesn't stop there, the game also had some cards with realistic looking characters.

Uh.. well other than the confusing theme the game has going on. It's pretty much just like any other TCG out there, but this one feels a bit more Mobage'ish than most. I thought it was going to a more RPG'ish gameplay because of the screenshot, apparently I was wrong. I'm not sure if I should continue to play the game or not, I did roll a SSR+++ or whatever kind of card and four other SR's at the beginning of the game. Am I just super lucky or this game is super gacha friendly? Perhaps it's a guranteed thing for starting players. Not a bad idea to hook players in.

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