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Logres Goddess of Ancient is a turn-based JRPG that I have been addicted to all week. The game may look complicated, but it's actually very easy to play even without being able to read Japanese. One of the features that I really liked about this game is the real time auto-party system. When you're out on the field, you can run up to someone fighting a monster to assist them and vice versa. There are no party penalties and you get the same amount of exp as to solo'ing. The game also gives you a lot of FREE stones that is used to obtain equipment in the special gacha. I have received over 100 stones so far and fully decked out a couple of my classes.

The leveling pace is fairly fast, but it gets a bit slower once you get out of the green looking areas. Not much scenery change during the low level, you might actually get sick of all the green zones. Once you're around 20+, you will reach new areas dungeons, mountains, and more. New areas mean scary looking monsters and no more cute looking stuff. Just keep working on your missions and you will eventually unlock most of the jobs. I suggest saving your Gacha stones until you unlock a job that you really like, then spend some of them not all just enough that you are always carrying 22 stones.

More Features
-Auto-Party System.
-Multiple Jobs and Switching Jobs.
-Weapon Gacha System.
-Multi Weapon System.
-Real-time weapon switching in battle..
-Cute Avatars.
-Fashion Slot System (Equip any Gear).
-Simple Gameplay.
-Friends/Party System.
-Endless Quests.
-Over 100+ Free Gacha Stones from Quests/Missions.
-No Stamina System - Play All Day!
-Chat System

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