El Brisa

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El Brisa is a retro side-scrolling shooter that offers a wide variety of unique characters. Unlike most shooters, you will be able to hack and slash monsters coming towards you. Shooting and Melee'ing enemies is the easy part. The hard part is where you will have to dodge multiple bullets from the enemy monsters and bosses. The iOS version is now available, added the link. I also included my new gameplay video from today, so check it out when you can.

Steparu's El Brisa TIPS! (='-')/")

I started playing this game because of a cross over event from one of my favorite tablet games. For starting tips, I suggest saving up all of your stones and just keep working towards the stages without spending any. Once you have collected 35, use it on the special character box! How to obtain special stones? You can obtain some by getting Rank S on a stage, achievements, daily quests, maxing a character out, etc. You can also get special stones by liking their Facebook and Twitter.

If you're not used to the whole side-scrolling thing and the controls. You can mirror flip the screen under options! It's right next to the wide-screen option so, it's hard to miss even if you can't read Korean. Clicking the wide-screen button in options will automatically make your screen wide mode, so hit the button next to that and you're all good!

El Brisa also features an auto-play button located on the top right hand of the corner. The AI isn't that great, but it's very good for farming lower level dungeons. You can upgrade your characters from 2 stars to 3 stars and so on. How does it work? I am guessing you need to max level that character and +9 it. In short, you will need two max level characters that are +9 and combine them together. I believe they have to be the same star level! I suppose this is where auto-play feature comes in, you just farm stages for extra low level characters and pimp out your main characters. Anyway, I just started this game so maybe more information and tips later!

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