Final Fantasy Pictologica

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Final Fantasy Pictologica is awesome, the stamina regens fast and I don't have to wait forever for it. The picross RPG style is very fun and unique. Once you unlock new characters, you can work on daily large 10x10 picross puzzle to get extra items. Gacha system is decent, the only thing you want from Gacha are the special limited characters like Cloud, Maria, Faris, Aaron, Serra, Edge, Sabin, etc. The rest of the jobs you can unlock, in fact it's much better to get a 1 star character because from there you can pick the advance job you want it to be. Not sure if it's possible to reroll since I was very lucky with getting a hero character during my first roll. You can also roll a free normal Gacha every 4-5 hours. This is very good if you want to add more normal characters to your collection.

If you're planning on playing this game, try not to spend a lot of money on the real life money Gacha because I heard the ratio is very bad. You can actually enjoy the game fine without spending money as I did. You can beat all of the stages and events with normal gacha characters. If you happen to find a friend with a Hero Gacha character, you can keep re-using that hero over and over as long as you have them on your friends list. There are limited time events that reward you with special characters such as Lightning from the FFXIII series. Lastly, I suggest re-rolling for a "special hero" character if you do decide to play this game. I hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I did! I couldn't find any good screenshots so I decided to take some of my own, check them out below. A definite must play if you enjoyed playing the old school Final Fantasy series.

If you happen to get a bug where your stamina does not regen, try changing your time zone to Japan then back to your own time zone. I am not sure if they fixed this bug in the latest patch. If you're ever stuck on something, make sure you Google Translate the Japanese wiki and find out what you need! Good Luck and Have fun!

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