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DoDoDo!Dragon is an online RPG for iOS and Android in which players collect dragons and make a team of maximum of six dragons. After that ,player can battle against a big monster with their teams and friends. Enjoy with your friends and beautiful graphics! Now playable on iOS & Android.

I skipped out on this title when it first came out because it looked extremely cheesy. That is until I actually downloaded the game and tried it out for myself. The graphics look a lot better than I expected and the gameplay is a bit RPG'ish. The game pretty much revolves around summoning a dragon from the Gacha and setting player units to ride on it. Some dragons are larger than others and can take up two slots on the field so you will not always have six dragons out at once like the official description above. The game itself is actually fast-paced and you get to fight giant raid boss looking monsters. 

If you end up enjoying the game, I suggest re-rolling until you get a four to five star dragon. Three star dragons can automatically be obtained from story. I'd actually recommend downloading this game if you're tired of playing the same old usual TCG's that makes you collect pretty looking characters. Check out some of my gameplay screenshots below!

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