Mitchiri Neko Mix and Dash

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Mitchiri Neko Dash is one of those games that I downloaded without a second thought. The cats are very popular in Japan, especially if you're a female and like cute stuff. Anyway, the Mitchiri Neko Dash version is a newly release vertical runner that's very entertaining. You control a single cat and pick up other cats while running. After awhile, you will have an army of cats following you! Now your job is to guide them to the cat store where they can raid it for food. This is a very simple and cute game, if you end up running into a lion, it will eat you alive T_T game over! Controlling your Neko is easy just swipe left and right. Tapping the screen makes your cat jump over obstacles.

Mitchiri Neko Dash Version

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link

Mitchiri Neko Mix Version 1 and 2

App Store: Link (Part 1)
App Store: Link (Part 2)
Mixing Guide: Link



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