Google Play - Android Tutorial

Welcome to the Google Play - Android Tutorial section of my site! There are a couple ways to play and download the games featured in the Games section, so I will try to to walk you through one of them. If anyone else has a better way, please do share with the community. - No Root (Very Easy) - Safe and Trusted 

1. Download and Install the QooApp
2. Find the game you want to download and it will load it on your device easy.
3. It's always updated often with new games very fast, faster than me!
4. I use QooApp often whenever I am lazy to download games via VPN.

The VPN Way - No More APK Downloading (No Root)

1. Download on a VPN phone/tablet.
2. Make a free account.
3. Login your Google Play account on phone/tablet "BROWSER Window"
4. Connect to Japan/Korea server using a VPN.
5. Tap the game you want to download on my site on tablet/phone.
6. Tap and hold on Google Play "Link" on my site and press Open in a  New Window or Tab.
7. You should now be able to Install it if you did it correctly.
8. Click Install and it should save to your list of games.
9. Turn Off VPN or Uninstall VPN and Play game.
Still Not Working? Keep trying!
1. If the install part doesn't work, remove Gmail account and clear Google Play cache.
2. Add your old gmail or a create a new gmail with the VPN turned ON phone.
3. Make sure you're making KR or JP gmail.
4. Check Google Play Store again it should be in Japanese or Korean.
5. If your store is finally right, click on the game on my site and download.

VPN Alternatives: TunnelBear (JP), TigerVPNS (JP), OpenVPN (KR), CrossVPN (KR/JP) 

The VPN Way 2 - 100% Easy

1. Download VPN on phone like TunnelBear.
2. Connect to Japan.
3. Go to Android settings.
4. Tap "Add Google Account"
5. Create New Account (Takes 2 Minutes)
6. Now Open Google Play and it should be in Japanese.
7. Open browser, click on my game links.
8. It will ask to open in Google Play Store.
9. Click Install Done!
10. Turn off VPN and update or play game.
11. You no longer need APK's and can update using new account.

APK Download Tutorials - RARELY WORKS

The Cable Way - Works on Free Apps Only - No Root

1. Visit
2. Paste the Link of the Game you want to download and click "Generate Download Link"
3. Download Game.
4. Connect Cable from your Device to PC and Transfer the APK.
5. Install APK!

The Simple Way - Works on Free Apps Only - No Root

1. Visit
2. Paste the Link of the Game you want to download and click "Generate Download Link"
3. "Right Click" on Click here to download button. Click on "Copy Link Address"
4. Visit and Ctrl+V or Paste the link to make it tiny (Easier to type on Phone).
5. For Example,
6. If the name is taken, you will need to rename it to something simple.
7. Go to your Device Browser Phone or Tabet and type the name of the Tinyurl you created.
8. It will start downloading the APK on your device.
9. Install it and done! (You might need to turn off a setting to install from Unknown sources).

If is blocked for your Country, try using or

The Alice Way - Guide With Pictures

1. Visit Alice's Blog - 13th Hour.
2. If you follow this guide, you can update through Google Play store.

The Google Chrome Way - Installing Extension

1. Visit and scroll down to the "Guide" button.
2. This makes it so you can download the APK using a Google Chrome Plugin, but can be complicated.

Mini FAQ - Updating Game

Q: The APK I downloaded for the game is outdated, what can I do?
A: There are THREE ways to update a game. The Alice Way Guide above, VPN, or the image below.

Q: I don't want to keep downloading new APK is there a fix to this?
A: Follow the Alice Way Guide or use my VPN Guide.

Q: I just downloaded a new game, but it is asking me to update.
A: You might need to click on the button "force update" button and check empty box.