KakaoTalk and KakaoGame Tutorial

Welcome to the KakaoTalk and KakaoGame Tutorial section of my site! As Foreigner you're probably wondering what the heck is KakaoTalk! It's a free phone service application that can also be used to play the latest games in South Korea. Downloading the American version of KakaoTalk will grant you exclusive access to the Korean Gaming Apps supported by KakaoTalk.

First off you will need to install KakaoTalk on your device. Please download it on for your respective Country, the app is free with a catch. Before I drag out this tutorial, I just want to let you guys know that you will need a real phone number to verify your device. Here is the link to the American version of KakaoTalk below. If you don't live in USA, it should be available in other Countries! If not, then check out my other registration guides.

Google Play: Link
App Store: Link

1. Download the Application.
2. Input your Cell Phone #. (Yes, it's safe.)
3. Verify the Code from the Text Message sent to your phone.
4. After verifying, you will be at the main screen.
5. Tap on "More" located on the bottom right menu.
6. Tap on Kakao Account then Create Kakao Account.
7. Enter E-mail and Password (This is used for KakaoGames.)
8. Finished! Hoooray!

(Images from Starguide)

After you have created your account, you will be able to play any KakaoTalk game instantly without logging in. Unless you uninstalled your KakaoTalk Application, then you will have to manually login using your E-mail and Password. Enjoy!