Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur Features Real-Time Four Player Co-op in 3D

Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur or should I say Million Arthur 2 will have a lot of multiplayer features and new real-time four player co-cop with friends or strangers. That's not all, it will also be in 3D! Be one of the first to check out the screenshots below.

The playable main characters which are also called Arhturs in the game is shown above. Then the image below are the support characters that you will see everyday on the lobby, a lot of variety so you will most likely find a cute character.

Now let's take a look at the four player co-op feature of the game below. As you can see, the boss system is still around and you can actually send out a preset text commands or words with other players while fighting the boss shown below.

Are you guys ready!? On the upper left hand side of the screen shows your party members that are players. The MSG box brings up a window with text to community with your team, perhaps a chat feature will be added later. The game is in full 3D! It looks crazy, could this be the next generation of TCG titles? Is Million Arthur going to set a new trend again!?

Ready to attack the boss? Let's pick this card!

The card goes into effect as seen on the bottom right hand of the screen and it is attack up level 3!?

Another party member summons their card into battle enemy attack down level 3!?


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