Seven Knights 2.0 Tutorial Guides and English Translations

Seven Knights still remains as one of the top 5 games in South Korea and there are numerous players from all over the world playing the game. With that said, I decided to make a mini guide for newbies very useful for those looking to play the game. Warning this is a hi-resolution image post!

Table of Awesomeness - Use Ctrl+F to Quick Jump

1. Facebook Group and Links
2. Translated Menus
3. Normal Fusion Tutorial
4. Special Fusion Tutorial
5. Elemental Fusion Tutorial
6. Enchanting Tips
7: Free Gacha and Ruby Usage Tips
8. Enchanting and Evolving Weapons Tutorial
9: Item Stats and Status Effects by Ch Te
10. Farming Spots (New)
11. Random Tips (Coming Soon)

Seven Knights English Facebook Group
Translated Character Skill and Tier List (English)

Character Skills - Use Google Translate
-Character Skill Description
-All Character Skills (HungryApp Version)
Character Rating and Tier List

Seven Knights Community Guides
-How to FARM Ruby
-Translated Player Passive Skills

Other Links
-Seven Knights Steparu
-Seven Knights Cafe
-Status and Effects
Download Google Play
-Download iOS
Seven Knights Kakao Chat



Normal Evolution is one of the best ways to get Knights or OP characters in the game because it will give you a random one. Of course, if you're very unlucky you might get something that's not useful. Thankfully, you can keep random evolving units until they hit 6 star. If you end up with something trashy, then you're screwed. Hue :3 Lastly, you must REMOVE the character in your PARTY and DRAGON PARTY before you can evolve or combine.

Normal Evolution Examples
-(3 Star Level 30 +5) + (3 Star Level 30 +5)  = 4 Star Level 1 RANDOM Character
-(4 Star Level 30 +5) + (4 Star Level 30 +5)  = 5 Star Level 1 RANDOM Character
-(5 Star Level 30 +5) + (5 Star Level 30 +5)  = 6 Star Level 1 RANDOM Character


Special Evolution is a MUST for Knight character or high tier heroes!! You will need to get your character to Level 30 +5 and then feed it a special element shown below. Certain elements vary for different characters. For Example, a Healer type will require a Light Element. Please examine the image below so that you don't f- up your godly character.

Special Evolution Examples
-(4 Star Level 30 +5) + (4 Star "Element" Level ONE) = 5 Star Level 1 SAME Character
-(5 Star Level 30 +5) (5 Star "Element" Level ONE) = 6 Star Level 1 SAME Character

How to Obtain Elemental Crystals
-Daily Dungeon (Blue Portal) IMPORTANT!!!
-Random Drop "1 Star" in Normal Dungeons
-Random Drop "2 Star" in Hard / Nightmare Dungeons
-Random Drop "2 Star" in Chapter 8 Dungeons


Elemental Fusion is very simple check out the short simple steps below and use the knowledge that I have taught you so far. Make sure you click the "MIDDLE" button in STEP 2 when you want to Evolve your elemental because the other button is increase the MAX level, which is totally freaking useless.


Here is the Character Page shown again below from here your MENU 1 and MENU 2 page will vary so pay attention to the text or icons so that you don't accidentally do something silly. The more you enchant fails the higher your bonus success becomes! For example, if you failed enchanting 4 star card to +3 often and the bonus chance is at 25%, then you can probably just gamble 1-2 star feeds. Check images below.

Efficient Enchanting for 3 Stars
-Focus on 1 star only!

Efficient Enchanting for 4 Stars
-Focus on 2 star only.
-If your bonus success chance is high, then try 1 star.

Efficient Enchanting for 5 Stars
-Focus on 2 and 3 stars.
-If your bonus success chance is over 40% use 1 star. 

Efficient Enchanting for 6 Star
-There isn't one, lol Goodbye Gold
-In my opinion, it would be best to use 3 star only.
-Unless you have a solid team, then use 4 star.
-If you ask me, I'd rather combine 2x 4 star for a Random Knight.
-If you have a lot of gold and your bonus success is 40-50%, YOLO 1 star.


Okay, so there is a lot of talk on what to spend Ruby on. One thing you should NOT spend it on is Gold because you can earn twice the amount during 20:00~22:00 KST during double gold FEVER time. Keys are decent for players with a decent deck and best to use during FEVER time. If you're just starting the game out, it's best to roll one or two 250 Gacha so that you will have a decent solid team. Others might say just use it for keys. Just to let you know, don't expect getting anything other than 4 star in 250 Gacha since 5-6 star is extremely rare. It's a lot easier if you combine units to get your 5 and 6 star cards.

From there, you want to start farming and combining your new units slowly. Unless you get a Knight, then focus on making that character OP first. I don't think the Weapon Gacha is worth, because you get a lot of weapons during your adventures. For medals, you want to buy keys only during FEVER, but others have gotten lucky with character Gacha. When you get to end game, you can save your 150 Ruby for Dark Daily Dungeons which is good as long as you can clear hard setting.

Enchanting and Evolving Weapons Tutorial

If you're just starting out, then you can probably skip this part. You don't really need to upgrade or enchant weapons until your character is 5 or 6 star grade. What kind of situation is good to upgrade? If you have a 5 Star special Knight, you should Enchant weapon only to +5 because it takes a couple of weeks to collect Dark Orb crystals, unless you burn through Rubies. I do NOT recommend Evolving weapons, especially if you're a low level. The monster is best spent somewhere else like pumping out your formation which will benefit you more in the long run.

Please do keep in mind that whenever you Evolve/Fusion a character the items on that character will disappear! Don't equip 5 star weapon and armor on 4 star characters, lol. Enchanting system for weapons works a little different because it's not RNG. Check out the image below. When feeding a random item to your weapon, you will be able to see how much EXP it adds in the progress bar. After you feed enough items and the progress bar reaches 100%, that weapon will automatically be enchanted +1 level.

Item Stats and Status Effects by Ch Te

Basic Item and Character Stats
공격력 - Physical Attack
마법력 - Magic Attack
방어력 - Defense

Special Stats on Weapons
약점 공격 - Attack Lowest HP Enemy + Bonus Damage
속공 - Increase Attack Speed Chance for Double Attacks.
치명타 확률 - Increase Critical Chance

Special Stats on Armors
막기 확률 - Increase Block Chance
반격확률 - Increase Counterattack Chance
최대 생명력 - Increase Max HP

Status Effects
Blindness: Stops Unit from auto-attacking. Including counterattacks.
Silence: Stops Unit from casting skills.
Bleed/Burn/Poison: Damage over time!
Stun/Paralyze: Stops unit from doing anything.
Freeze/Stone: Same as above but become untargetable. Automatically skips turns until cc is gone if there are no targetable units.
Death: Unit dies after 2 turns. If hit by another Death it dies instantly. Also if immune then it deals additional dmg instead.
Turns are counted individually. 1 normal autoattack = 1 turn for that unit passed (ofc turns still pass for them while they are hard CCed xD)

Farming Spots

Farming 7-1 - Nightmare Mode - Fever Time

-Mobs die fast and a lot of mobs for Ruby achievements.
-Usually Drops 1-2 Star units and very rare 3-4 Star.
-Clear under 1:50 minutes, best place to farm during fever 20:00~22:00.
-Use Offensive stance while auto-play.
-Drops a lot of 3 Star weapons that I ended up NPC'ing.
-Best place to Power Level units, especially if you have Valkyrie AOE Provoke.

Although there are numerous farm spots in the game, I am just going to post the areas that I like to farm during my time. If you're looking to upgrade units or evolve random 3 to 4 star stuff, then it's best to farm 7-1 or any dungeon that you can clear fast during fever time. When it's not fever time, you can farm areas like 7-5, 7-10, 6-10, etc. I farmed this place a lot because I am often working and just want to use up my keys immediately.

Farming 8-1 - Next Area 
-Usually drops 3 Star Unit and Above
-Usually drops 4 Star Equipment and Above.
-Cost 2 keys to enter = lose more gold.
-Best to use Defensive stance while auto-play.

Now that you've got a decent party setup, you might want to move on to the next level of farming. The only downside to farming 8-1 is that you're going to end up with a lot less gold and enchanting fodder. On the bright side you will have a ton of 3 Star units that can be used as fodder for your 5 star unit fusion or 6 star enchanting. You also won't get any 3 star and below equips here, enchanting your 5 Star and 6 Star items should be a lot more efficient.

Endless Tower Dungeon
-Use Special Key to farm Gold Treasure Dungeon
-At floor 80, it's 2100 gold per try.
-Recently upgraded team or formation? Advance!

Medal Farming - PvP
-Even if you get owned, you get Medals
-Save all medals up to 200+ and buy keys during fever mode.
-You also get Rubies at the end of each week. Win/Win!

Random Tips (Coming Soon)


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