Granblue Fantasy Summer Adventures and Fish Raid Boss

The summer beach festival event started in Granblue Fantasy today. The popular JRPG is playable on many platforms such as smartphone, tablet, browser, and PC! I really like the artwork in this game, so every now and then you will stumble across my random Granblue Fantasy posts.

I haven't been playing this game much, but I do login everyday just to collect my daily login bonuses. With some luck, I managed to get one of the swimsuit characters featured in this event using a single free Gacha Ticket @_@!! I didn't have the original version of this character, so it was nice to have at least one version of her.

My characters are a bit weak for this event because I didn't participate in the previous one T_T, though that doesn't really matter much as long as I participate often in the current event. I'm not that excited about this new character shown below, she looks very Pirate'ish would be nice to add to the collection. She looks like the type of girl that Weld-san would go for.

I'm about 200 crystals away from 3,000. Not sure if I should roll it for this event or wait for the rates to go up. More importantly, I wonder if we are ever going ever get Ruria-chan as a playable character! Unrelated to event image below.

A few hours later, I ended up getting the event character! I should power level my water team some time (='-')/")!

I evolved both my new characters and here is their new form ^_^/

Looking to get started on playing Granblue Fantasy?! Check out the two useful links below! Good Luck and Have Fun ^_^!

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