White Cat Project Gameplay and Rerolling

I recently started playing some White Cat Project lately and to my surprise this game doesn't have any stamina or fatigue system. What does that mean? It means you can play any time you want and non-stop!

Other than the awesome no fatigue system, the game features a very basic casual controls. A game that can be enjoyed with a single finger, great for those with disabilities. Despite the simple controls the game itself is quite fun to play. I usually play this game when I am not busy testing other titles and stuff.

Real-Time Multiplayer System

I was curious about the multiplayer system for this game so I went ahead and tested it out. It seems like you need to create a private room and have your friend enter the room number. Very smooth and lag less gameplay we mowed down a couple dungeons together!

Gacha and Rerolling

So you're looking to play this game? The tutorial is very long, but rewarding. The rarest character and items obtained from Gacha is 4 star, sound easy right? I suppose it's not that hard, it took me about 14 installs to get my 4 star character. How does rerolling work? During the tutorial, you will be given a chance to roll a weapon and character once. After the tutorial is completed, you can use all the gems obtained from the tutorial to roll Gacha once more. Nothing good? Delete and reinstall your game. Rinse and repeat until you get your favorite 4 star character.

Once you've got a character you like, you can rename your account in settings along with setting up a login for it so that you will never lose your data. One of the buttons in the options screen is to save account to an e-mail. Enter the e-mail you want to use for login and a password of choice and you should be all set! Enjoy~

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