Steparu's Gameplay Videos of the Week Part 03

It's that time of the week again, Gaming Apps Preview Part 03 with a lot of new gameplay videos! I actually stopped playing most of my older Apps and moved on to the ones listed below. A lot of good and fun new titles worth trying out, so make sure you download and check em out! I'm most likely going to re-post some of these titles next week showing off higher level content and end game videos.

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Steparu's Gameplay Videos of the Week Part 02

I tested out a lot of awesome titles this week some good and some bad. Some of the games featured in this weeks gaming videos are very popular titles in Japan such as the newly released Attack on Titan Roar to Freedom, Merc Storia, Chain Chronicle, and so on. Check out the full list below, perhaps you will find a new game to install this week.

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  • Girls X Magic Girls X Magic
    Girls X Magic is a fully voiced Mahou Shoujo a.k.a. Magical Girls TCG. The game features a lot of well-known voice actresses from Japan. Battle against evil or against other players and dress up your Mahou Shoujo with all kinds of gear, magical weapons, outfits, accessories, hairstyle, and more. Other…

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