Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur Flying Gacha Free 5 Star Pre-Registration

Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur also known as Million Arthur 2 in 3D just started their Pre-Registration for free cherries and flying gacha 5 star character. If you've done flying gacha in the past, then you should be all set! I used to play the original Million Arthur a lot until it became p2w, I hope the new version doesn't sink in the same hole.

You can reset your Tweets for 5 extra rolls up to 20 times a day so that's a lot of tries! It only took me about 10 minutes to get my 5 star character above maybe I am lucky or they don't rip off people with flying gacha like SAO Register. Right button is to roll and the left one is to keep that card. Make sure to make a new Twitter account if you want to keep rolling for other 5 stars, but it will most likely be one code per account.

Kai-Ri-Sei Million Arthur or should I say Million Arthur 2 will have a lot of multiplayer features and new real-time four player co-cop with friends or strangers.

I should make instructions for those who aren't familiar with Flying Gacha and new to my website since it can be confusing the first time around.

Tutorial for Lolis Because I Care

1. Click Link.
2. Link Twitter Account.
3. Press the Bottom Right Button to Roll 5x.
4. New Page Orange Button to Refresh Rolls (20x day)
5. Have a Character you like Press TOP Orange Button.
6. That button will overwrite previous saved card and Tweet.
7. Press the left button to go back.
8. Don't press anymore Orange Button or RIP.
9. You can only save ONE character.
10. Code is sent Twitter PM on release date.
11. Check your card status https://pre.kairisei-ma.jp/mypage.

If you did everything right then you will get a similar page shown below with your saved character featured on the right. Make sure you don't revoke access to Flying Gacha App on your Twitter.

More Information: Link
Flying Gacha: Link
Pre-Register Page: Link
Flying Gacha Characters:: Link
Future Game and Event Translations: http://nyansource.com/